why is cocaine an almost instantaneous laxative?


I have to fire one out almost immediately after I snort it and it’s quite puzzling.

In: Biology

Curious to how many 5 year old are doing blow but …

You are not taking straight blow. You are doing blow cut with laxatives. Almost none of the blow coming into North America and zero of the blow going to Europe is straight.

Its a filler. You snort. You poop. You are happy. Your dealer is happy.

Poop away space cadet!

Because it is a stimulant and it induces muscle contraction, kind of like coffee. It may be cut with powder-form laxatives but the laxatives are in such low quantities that they will do little to cause defecation. Also the only laxatives that get absorbed would be from the drip, so the notion that laxatives in cocaine make you poo is basically a myth, it is the drug itself.