Why is fish so much “riskier” to eat than meat?


I’m currently lying in bed clutching my stomach and desperately wishing I’d had anything but the fish.

Fish has this reputation as dangerous to eat if it’s not very fresh, much more than pork or beef or chicken or any other kind of meat. What’s the reason for this, assuming there is one beyond bad PR? Does it have anything to do with fish as a kind of meat?

What’s the reason that fish is so much riskier than other meats?

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There’s a lot going on biologically that makes fish fairly quick to spoil. First off, most fish live in a fairly cold environment naturally, because oceans and lakes tend to be colder than typical outdoor averages – this means that some of the enzymes in their flesh and some of the bacteria that live on them can still be active at colder temperatures, making them quicker to spoil unless in very cold refrigeration or frozen.

On top of that, fish naturally don’t store as much glycogen as animals, which breaks down into lactic acid that can help slow down spoilage. Fish flesh is softer in texture and holds more water than most animal flesh, which also makes it easier for pathogens to work their way in and start eating it before you can. And the natural fats and oils in fish are also highly unsaturated, meaning they break down and turn into gross flavors and smells more quickly too.

There’s not a huge amount of risk with fish these days, with modern fishing, flash-freezing, transportation, etc. techniques, it’s generally very safe to eat under the recommended guidelines and best-by dates, even though people who live far from the coast might not have the absolute freshest options. But a small mistake can certainly prove more impactful with a halibut than it would with a beef steak, so it’s very important that these standards are upheld throughout the process.

LoL… I think in japan we think fish is the cleanest meat. We eat almost a quarter of the worlds fish, most of that raw. And cases of food poisoning over raw fish DON’T happen. Ive been here 35 years. If fish is treated with common sense (1, they test random samples of wild catch for disease. 2, Eat fresh fish within days, 3 freeze and cook the rest, you wont have a problem.