Why is it easier to eat more food if it is delicious?


I’m eating chicken biryani right now and I ate twice the amount of rice than my mother usually gives me.

Why does appetite depend on taste?

In: Biology

Your brain decides non-tasty food is not food so it tries to get you to not eat it. It’s a survival mechanism.

Your body is just a hoarder of nice things, even if you don’t necessarily need it. Fat, sugar, nice things for your body in general and it can’t think. It doesn’t know when it gets those nice things again. Maybe tomorrow, yes, but mAyBe A DrOuGhT iS cOmInG, better take as much as possible!

Stuff like fat and sugar just tastes good, because your body let’s you know that it contains the ‘good stuff’ (what it is in moderation).