Why is it much more windy the higher up you go?


Like, there might not be a strong wind at ground level but go up 5 floors and it feels like you’re being buffeted. Why is that?

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Couple of reasons:

There is less stuff to slow down the air the higher up you go. At the surface you have all of the objects on the surface (and the surface of the Earth itself) which slows air down.

Second, as you go up, air gets less dense. Basically a given volume of air is “lighter” and therefore easier to move faster.

Think about a CD on a CD player. The inner part of the CD and the outer part are staying in sync, but reality is that speed = d/t …and the outer part of the CD is traveling a greater distance in the same amount of time. Similarly, the earth is traveling “faster” in the outer parts of the atmosphere, making the wind travel at greater speeds. That, and there are far fewer obstacles!

There is probably more reasons.
I know is that the wind is blowing owner whole height of the mountain. The wind reaching the bottom has only one way to go, up. So when you are higher up then you experience all of the wind from below you.