Why is it recommended for Judokas with shoulder injury to do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instead?


Just watched a show where a Judoka can’t compete/do Judo anymore due to shoulder injury and does BJJ instead. How is BJJ not as stressful to the shoulders as Judo?

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The shoulder is essential in the initial moves in Judo including all the throws and counters, while BJJ does use the shoulder in choke holds etc. it doesn’t undergo the same huge strain of the moves in judo.

Judo is much more physical than BJJ. There is a lot of pulling and lifting and these movements are typically very explosive.

On top of that, your opponent is trying to throw you onto the mat, which can further aggravate any preexisting injuries.

BJJ mostly takes place when you are already on the ground and the movements are slower and more methodical.

I once heard a quote that said something like “BJJ is like playing chess; Judo is like taking a sledge hammer through that chess board”. I think it’s a pretty apt description of the two sports.