Why is it rude to ask how much someone’s salary is?


Why is it rude to ask how much someone’s salary is?

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Some people struggle to get to the end of the month and don’t want to admit it, which is totally understandable

Companies don’t want their employees talking about how much they make amongst one another so they can negotiate wages rather than giving specified pay per position. That kind of drilled in mindset primarily to the benefit of employers has made discussing wages a faux pas culturally. There should be more discussion about compensation to ensure that compensation is education and experience based to leave less opportunity for employees to be low balled or over compensansated.

Because a lot of people immediately feel envy or get the feeling someone else envies them for their (probably) higher salary.

It should be normal to talk about money, but we live in a world where status symbols and numbers on the bank account count more than other values. Those are common reasons for people to not like talking about salaries and money overall. Therefore it is considered rude to talk about it.

It depends a lot on the culture. Some are open about it while others a lot more secretive. Where I’m from (Vietnam) almost everybody knows how much each other makes, though it’s becoming less common with the younger generation.

Generally, knowing someone’s financial situation often leads to immediate judgement, either of envy, disdain, indignation, or pity. None of those feelings are desirable.

It shouldn’t be. But salary, and not job satisfaction, is seen as a mark of success. As it turns out, jobs that pay well are often horribly unsatisfying. But we persist.