Why is it so difficult to act like you are yawning?


I can tell if someone is actually yawning or they are acting out a yawn, i tried to act like i am yawning but it always seems fake and is difficult. Why?

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Ok so I just tried this. I know my lip twitches when I’m actually yawning but I noticed it doesn’t when I fake it, so maybe the genuineness of the whole thing is purely muscular?

Mostly because yawning is involuntary and the face is so complex. There are 42 different muscles in the face, you use 11 to yawn, controlled by 6 of the 12 cranial nerves. Not all of these muscles are easy to engage on purpose, in the “correct” sequence. Kind of like how it’s hard to fake a smile convincingly without a lot of practice. Most people forget then eyes are involved in a genuine smile.