Why is it so difficult to kick bad habits?


Bad habits are really difficult for me to kick for example i always do my work on the floor since i was 7 i couldn’t kick the bad habit and i always do work on the floor and sometimes i may use electronic devices for a really long time

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This is sort of by definition, right? If you can stop doing it ez pz then it’s not a “bad habit.”

Maybe it’s literally addicting like cigarettes.

Maybe it’s tickling your lizard brain like junk food.

Maybe it’s tickling your monkey brain like Reddit.

For whatever varied reason, they trip the “this is good” system in the ancient parts of your brain even if your superior human front-brain knows it’s bad for you long term.

Because they are habits, and habits are a way for the brain to follow a path of least resistance, which it likes to do because it’s more efficient. The best way to get rid of a bad habit is to replace it with a good habit, otherwise you have left a path open where you may return to the old habit.

Usually they trigger a dopamine response in your brain that makes you want to do it again because you want that dopamine release. It’s one of the reasons why people scroll on sm or tinder so much. Every scroll, like, swipe, is a dopamine release waiting to happen.