Why is it so popular in Japan to have regional / seasonal limited edition goods?


I can understand why people like having limited edition goods but while im here in Japan i see an excessively use of limited stuff around here in comparison to Germany where i come from.

They are obviously successful, so why is it not implemented (not even remotely excessively) in other countries?

EDIT: Examples:Sakura Cola (i dont even drink Cola but i purchased them and as advertised you can only purchase them in spring? )Many regionspecific products e.g. KitKati also once got a Hokkaido Sapporo special edtion beer which can only be purchased in Hokkaido (an Island in the North of Japan)

I also heard that Starbucks has especially many limited edition offers although i’m not sure whether this is the same case in Germany because i’m not too into Starbucks
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Can you give some example ?

Money. They can charge a lot more on the premise of exclusivity. That’s the main reason any store anywhere does seasonal and limited goods. And making it regional makes it rare in other countries, allowing the money to flow back into the economy through the use of websites like eBay. Sure, the money may not go back to the distributor, but that money goes back into the economy.

Lots of places have this. It’s marketing. It boosts sales to have something limited, so most places have a rotation.

Pumpkin spice, mint are big coffee drink flavors limited in the us.

McDonald’s has the mcrib, holiday pie, strawberry cream pie, strawberry lemonade and a fucking billion other things constantly rolling in and out.

Regional applies as well. Lobster rolls at McDonald’s in the NE US, one has pizza, southern style chicken biscuit sandwich mostly, guessed it, in the south.

It’s hardly a Japanese thing, but universally it’s a drive sales thing.