Why is it that during a storm, power always seems to flicker or go off. Why?


And why have no countermeasures been taken to prevent power outages

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In: Engineering

Well storms are associated with lightning, and high winds, both of which can cause power outages.

Trees being felled causing lines to short out, lines swinging violently enough can potentially short out, lighting strikes causing surges, blowing transformers, they’re all things that would cause the power to flicker and die.

Power lines are a big web with transformers and substations controlling output. It’s all about maintaining a balance so that everyone gets a constant level of power.

In a storm you have lightning strikes which can damage equipment or cause a surge. You have winds which can damage power lines. If a power line goes down they’ll try to route around it to maintain power. If it’s the end of the line there’s no way to reroute it and power goes out for that customer.

If a transformer or substation gets damaged it can make the load off balanced, which can cause a surge in some areas (lights getting brighter) or a lack of power in others (lights flickering). Takes time to rebalance everything around the damaged areas.