why is JFK junior at the center of so many Q/Q-adjacent conspiracies.


A quick search on Wikipedia kind of paint a picture of a rich kid coasting through life on the merit of just being a Kennedy (you know: the family whose legacy is synonymous with the everyman). Not exactly the populist figurehead for their war against the Deep State.

Is it just because he’s JFK’s kid and died young?

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You can’t think to heavily about the sense of really extreme conspiracy theories but the basic jist is this –

1. A person named “Q” is a secret mole deeply inside the government, Q has first hand information that the Donald Trump is actually still the acting president in secret. Trump is playing 5D chess to “out” his political adversaries. Eventually he is going to uncover that he is in fact President still and there will be a great day of reckoning for those who didn’t support him. Like, potentially Civil War conflagration of chaos.
2. “Q” seems to have gone silent with everyone wondering who they were. Other posters started wondering who he/she/they were with a user named “R” proposing Q was, in fact, JFK Jr. Their evidence for this was that Q seemed to revere JFK Sr. greatly, so greatly in fact… Q could only possibly Sr.’s son, Jr.
3. This makes perfect sense because the only way Q could be so deeply buried and involved would mean he were publicly dead. There are documents that supposed show the JFK Jr. (prior to his “death”) was a massive fan of Trump and believed he to be one person who could unify America’s crippled political system. Of course these documents don’t appear to be *real*, but who fact checks the stuff they read on the internet these days?
4. There for JFK Jr. *must* be Q because A. he’s pretending to be dead while secretly deeply integrated into the US Government. B. he was supposedly a big fan of Donald Trump as the US political messiah 25 years ago, C. because there is a questionably real guy who supports Q and Donald Trump, who kind of looks like JFK Jr., posts a lot to social media and people point to him as proof that JFK jr is real and alive because he’s probably this guy.