why is leap year a thing?


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A year is one revolution of the earth around the sun. That takes 365.25 days. Because you can’t put .25 of a day on the calender, one day gets added every for years. That day is Leap Day and the whole year is referred to as a leap year

The earth takes 365,24…days to make a full circle on the sun.
If you round to 365 the calendar will lost one day every 4 years. After 200 years the calendar abd the session will be totally fuked up, this totally happened during ancient rome and they had to fix it changing calendar and jumping manu days. Than they had to do it again in the renaissance.

So every year we are ahead a little bit because the calculation of time is slightly off so every leap year we add an extra day to feb to account for that eventual lapse. Not sure if it helps but like when your waiting on a turn signal and all the blinkers are on different cycles but if you pay attention they will sink up eventually and then get out of wack again.

The Earth takes 365 and 1/4th days to revolve around the sun, not 365 exactly. Because of this, the Gregorian calendar (which is the one most widely in use today) is off by one day every four years.

So we add a day every four years to get back on track!

Because the length of a day and the length of a year aren’t actually linked to each other.

One day is the time it takes a planet to spin on its axis. One year is the length of time it takes a planet to go all the way around the sun. As you can see, there’s no real reason for them to fit together with nice even numbers — and they don’t. Earth takes 365.25 says (give or take) to go around the sun once, and that .25 has to go somewhere or the seasons would get further and further out of sync. Without a leap year, it would mean that every four years, yearly events would become one day further out of sync. Adding a leap year makes up for that disparity, and it means that we can keep the calendar roughly on track: December stays cold in the northern hemisphere, June stays hot, and so on.