Why is liquid nitrogen cold and is it possible to make it warm?


Why is liquid nitrogen cold and is it possible to make it warm?

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Let’s take water as an example here for a moment.

Water is a liquid at room temperature, but if you heat it up it becomes a gas that we call steam. If you make water cold it becomes a solid which we call ice.

These changes in state occur because of temperature.

Nitrogen gas undergoes the same changes in state as water, but at different temperatures. At room temperature Nitrogen is a gas but in order to make it a liquid you have to cool it down… a lot. You have to get Nitrogen down to -196 celcius for it to become a liquid. That’s why liquid nitrogen is cold, if it warms up it becomes a gas.

Because it only gets liquid at really low temperatures. When it heats up it turns into a gas.most of what you breathe is nitrogen.

Well temperature is measured with respect to another, So our body is at 37 degree Celsius (Normal body temperature) and Liquid nitrogen is at “-196” degree Celsius , So with respect to our body Liquid nitrogen’s temperature is very low and hence it feels very cold, Now for example if we take Liquid Hydrogen which is at “-252.8” degree Celsius and thus has lesser temperature than liquid nitrogen so in this case liquid nitrogen will feel warmer than Liquid Hydrogen.

(Well this was just an example it’s dangerous to dip fingers in both liquid hydrogen or nitrogen for more than fraction of seconds)