Why is littering bad?


Why is having all of our trash in a massive pile of trash better than having little bits of trash here and there? Wouldn’t litter decay more rapidly due to more surface area?

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Litter ends up in unwanted places like bodies of water and animal habitats. And more often then not, it has some kind of negative effect on the ecosystem

Imagine if your cities are littered with rubbish and starts to decay around the city. These rubbish starts to smell and breed pests. These pests spread diseases.

We could have all our trash in a massive pile – at the dump.

If you had 10 dogs… Which scenario sounds better….

A: one big pile of shit in the corner on the side of your house out of sight and smell range?

B: your entire yard covered in it to the point where you can’t take a step without stepping in it?

Edit: this is obviously from an aesthetics POV. Nowhere near qualified to discuss the scientific or health reasons.

It wouldn’t be little bits “here and there”. We would have massive piles of trash that form around human inhabited areas. This trash harms wildlife, looks bad, and can also endanger pedestrians and vehicles.

Littering is what causes the ocean garbage patch. When it rains trash is washed into ditches and storm drains, those empty into rivers, river empty into the ocean.