Why is margarine less healthy than butter?


I grew up using margarine and just generally find it works better for me (easier to spread, tastes nicer) but recently I found a thread where everyone started saying margarine was really bad for you? Why is this? I didn’t really understand some of the explanations people said in the thread so I’m hoping for one that makes more sense

I use becel olive oil margarine if it matters

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They’re pretty much the same nowdays as long as you are using equivalent serving sizes.

It used to be that margarine would be made with large amounts of trans fats before we knew how bad trans fats were for health.

That history and the idea that “chemically processed” stuff is by default unhealthy give the impression that it’s less healthy.

The idea was that margarine is cheaper because it doesn’t require actual dairy. It was also at one time considered “healthier” because it had less saturated fats.

However that was before they found out how harmful transfats could be.

Nowadays technically transfats are outlawed in the US and may other countries. In the US that just means the serving size has to contain smaller than .49 grams of trans fats.

Generally if it doesn’t contain partially-hydrogenated oils it’s still better than butter as far as heart health is concerned. However lots of people still consider Margirine to be “toxic” if they follow more “natural” or “organic” sciences.

Personally…I grew up on margarine because of the price and my parents needed to feed lots of kids. I like the taste of Butter. I might use margarine in baking sometimes though. Produces crisper cookies similar to shortening.