Why is metal detecting outlawed in some areas or even some states?


The only reasons I can draw from it right now:

– Significant archeological finds being sold instead of mapped and reported for finding
– People wandering into private or restricted government property
– Possible disruption of ground-based habitats through digging

But why in some places like public access beaches? Wouldn’t it be good for people to find fishhooks, beer can tabs and other trash to throw away, or to help find lost things on the beach?

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Its more the first one, and from what I can see is more so about concern about the destruction of archeological finds by amateur metal detectors than anything else.

And while they can be used at the beach its like having a personal lock pick kit and telling the police you are an amateur locksmith. Sure thats possible but 90% of the time they are using that device in a way that is against the law.

If it’s anywhere near a military zone or the site of a battle that was fought they are worried you are going to find unexploded ordinance.

Where is it illegal? Never heard that before.