Why is milk white and not the color of the food the cow eats?


I would understand if milk was similar to flamingo feathers, which turn pink when they eat many shrimp. But why is the milk white? I assume the color has to come from somewhere, but cows mainly eat grass and water.

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Milk is made from mammary glands which are actually modified sweat glands.

There was a study to compare human breast milk between various cultures and it found that the nutritional content of the milk did not vary much even between hunter-gatherer tribes and people living in a modern city. As long as the mother isn’t malnourished, the mammary glands will make the same balance of nutrients. The white color of milk comes from the suspended milk fat.

Casein my friend. Add vinegar to milk. Casein precipitates. Clearish fluid left. Casein dries to a sweet hard ball. Sweet to play with that is.