Why is the colour of our pee White to Yellow and not the colour of the drinks we digest for the day?


Why is the colour of our pee White to Yellow and not the colour of the drinks we digest for the day?

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Because our digestive system breaks down those chemicals into basic components, which are mixed into our bloodstream. The yellow color comes from urobilin, a waste product created from dead blood cells.

The digestive system doesn’t sort out all the liquids and send them to your bladder. #1 and #2 are different systems.

The main job of the kidney is to balance the ratio of water and salt in the blood. Cells need a certain level of saltiness or they will die. When you drink enough water, the kidneys remove some of that water to maintain balance. In the mornings when you haven’t drank for several hours, your blood is too salty and it needs to remove some to keep balance.

That blue Gatorade you drank is handled entirely by the digestive system. Solid bits like dye stay in the stool. Liquids make their way into the blood stream, and eventually get filtered out by the kidneys.

All of that water and salt ends up in the bladder, which is either clear or yellow depending on which one is more present.

Urine is made of the yellow-colored waste your body needs to get rid of, plus as much water as it takes to flush that out of your body, plus as much other water as your body also has to dispose of. Since the water is diluting the urea, the color will range from yellow down to *very* pale yellow.

Because you aren’t peeing out what you drank. You are peeing out filtered blood. This is important to remove metabolic waste chemicals from your blood and also to remove excess water from your blood system which might be causing excessive blood pressure.

Your kidneys make urine by filtering your blood. If you start seeing red blood in your urine, then you should definitely seek medical attention.

Because your bladder isnt hooked up to your digestive system. It is hooked up to your circulatory system via the kidneys, so pee is filtered from blood not food.