Why is the heart considered as a source of emotion?


When all decisions/emotions/attractions/thoughts etc. originate form the brain, why do people use “heart” in such contexts?

In: 1132



Historically primitive people would have observed a physical change in their heart that regularly accompanied strong emotions, so they would have incorrectly deduced that the heart was the source of their emotions.

In modern times our ‘heart’ is just a word we use to describe the parts of our brain that are responsible for emotions.

Other than the mentioned heart rate and tightness in the chest its most likely an influence of ancient societies. Many of them thought of the heart as home of the soul and thus the center of emotion.

With this there comes a distinction of the heart as emotional decision-making in contrast to the brain as rational decisions-making.

Back before they knew much biology, the heart was thought to be the brain of the body… the bit that does the thinking.

It seems an obvious conclusion, really. It goes fast when you like things etc, so obviously it’s involved.

Except it’s not.

It’s a carryover from those days that it’s associated with love.