why is the west (europe, america) so quiet about the protests in Hong Kong?


The Protests in Hong Kong at the moment have gained enormeous traction, but no authorities in the west seemed to have commented, why is that?

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I love Hong Kong and am all for these protests. I’d prefer it be independent or still under British rule rather than go v back to the PRC.
To answer your question though, I would guess the west is quiet for the same reasons it’s quiet on Tibet and Taiwan…they don’t want to upset China. Especially now as Trump continuously threatens, propses and enacts his horribly dumb tariffs.

As a Hong Kong citizen, I need to agree with the fact that the western countries just want to solve this issue by using diplomatic strategies but not real actions. They can punish China by imposing economic sanctions, but they won’t do so because China will do the same to them.

Generally speaking they care about things that directly impact them and this is not one of them.

Specifically, two of the most powerful also have their own shit going on that sucks up a lot of the air for things like this. The US has Trump who is a nonstop story generator who is now looking more and more likely for impeachment and the UK has their whole Brexit fiasco still to deal with.

Most Western countries aren’t overly friendly with China but they represent an immense power both militarily and financially and they’ve proven recently that they’re more than willing to throw their economic weight around if they feel slighted so world leaders are hesitant to “take a stand” against China.

ELI5. China gives the West shiny new toys. And the West likes their toys too much to say anything. So China can be a bully and bully whomever they please because they know the West likes their toys too much to truly care about “human rights.” And so far, China has been right.

When “The West” gets involved it gets criticized for sticking their nose where it does not belong.

When “The West” does not get involved it gets criticized for not caring.

Given that the end results is the same (being criticized for what you do) it is simply more economical not to get involved in political situations where there is no natural resource (e.g. Oil) that you can then benefit from.