Why is there a $100,000 registration fee to join UN?


Why is there a $100,000 registration fee to join UN?

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The UN is quite a sizable organization. There are a lot of administrative people, clerks, translators, buildings, etc. So there is quite a bit of expenses to run the organization. The existing members have already paid for this and is still paying for it through regular membership fees. So new members need to pay a fee to get up to date on their payments to be equal to the existing members. A large part of this registration fee is spent just processing the registration. I even think that the UN probably loses money when countries join as the fee is actually quite small for what it is.

If you can’t afford $100’000, you probably aren’t the legitimate government of an actual nation. Nice try, Emperor Norton.

I hope you’ll forgive me for not having time to do more than hazard a guess but the UN is an old organization and if that fee has been in place since the charter back in the 1940s it would have equated to around 1.5 million in inflation adjusted dollars. It’s possible they’ve just never raised the fee.