Why is there five different oceans if it is a single big water body?


First of all, i have tried finding answers on internet and too using google. But either everyone is talking about measuring sea levels and the acceptance of fifth ocean or i am not using correct keywords.

**My question is** if ocean is a single water body, then why it is divided into 5. What’s the basis of division? Does two different seas have difference in water? Because i have seen a photo some years ago about 2 Ocean meeting but not dissolving. Is that thing real?


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It’s the same reason we devide up our landmasses into different states/countries and even further in counties then cities and towns. For navigation purposes. If we called the entire ocean one thing it would be a bit confusing when trying to navigate.

The earth is a big place and there’s a whole lot of water on it. The oceans are actually quite different from each other despite all being connected. The weather patterns, plants, animals, and chemical properties all vary significantly just like how it does on land. The Indian ocean is subjected to the Asian monsoon weather patterns for example which is a whole lot different than what you’d expect in the Artic ocean. The artic will also have a different salinity due to the fresh water ice that is melting.

It’s no different than how land masses can have different biomes over distances too. The US has deserts, mountains, prairies, forests, swamp, etc but it’s all one land mass. Just cus it’s connected doesn’t mean it can’t vary enough to warrant a different name.

Like the landmasses are split at continental plates, in ancient times normally found at mountain ranges… So are the oceans by its currents

The oceans are, depending on how you count between 3 to 7…

1-3: Atlantic, Pacific and Indian ocean.
4: Southern Ocean, all ocean south of the 60° S. Also called Antarctica Ocean.
5: Arctic Ocean, more or less all ocean north of 60° N.
6-7: Split the Atlantic and Pacific in an north and south part due to the currents not really crossing the equator

In ancient (European) times, the seven seas was mainly the different areas of the Mediterranean sea and/or the Arabian seas

Because we’ve decided to call the different parts by different names. This makes it easier to identify them.

This is also why your state is different from another state even though they’re both part of the same land body.

Tradition. It’s the same with continents: there are geological reasons to separate the continents and political ones and none of these really correspond to what we call them.

There is one ocean

Edit: lots of stuff in the natural world is like this: we try to categorize and understand nature using our tiny monkey brains, but it’s always more complicated and interesting than we can really easily compartmentalize. Nature is under no obligation to be casually comprehensible. [Check out this video about the concept of “species”, for example.](https://youtu.be/tduwq0I4lYw) (Best YouTuber currently operating, IMHO.)

“nature is not only odder than we think, but odder than we can think.” – J.B.S. Haldane