Why is there ozone in the ingredients of Dasani water?


Why is there ozone in the ingredients of Dasani water?

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It’s used for disinfection instead of chlorine or chloramine. It doesn’t affect the taste as much.

Ozone is an extremely reactive chemical; it is used destroy any microbes in the water and dissipates before it is bottled.

I can definitely taste something off in Dasani compared to Evian or Buxton etc.. what would that be if not the ozone?

Instead of passing the water through a filter or using harsh and expensive chemicals to kill any microbes, some water bottling plants (and waste water treatment plants) bubble ozone up through the water. The ozone reacts with metal ions and microorganisms. It also reacts with organic compounds that might give the water a bad taste. A trace amount of the ozone gas is trapped in solution the same way that traces of nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and oxygen can be found in almost all water.

essentially ozone gas is O3 where oxygen gas is 02. the extra oxygen makes the molecule really unstable and it’ll grab electrons from anything it can get it’s hands on. so they pass ozone through water to kill microbes. it does this by essentially oxidizing and ripping apart the outer layers of the microbes. and as opposed to chlorine which requires another cleaning, the only byproduct here is pure oxygen gas