Why is (usually) belly fat the last place where the body loses fat from a biological perspective?


As we know body fat comes off from a pre determined genetic matter, but is there an explanation to why belly fat is is the first place it gets stored, and the last place you lose it from?

Is it because the stomach is nearest to our digestive system? Is there a clearer explanation?

Just curious.

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I read once that there is a hormone or something in the fat cells that determines where on the body we will store the most fat. When you try to burn the fat in these areas it takes longer cause your body wants it there.
Men store more fat around the stomach and tighs while women store more fat around the tights and glutes, and also the breasts.
This is basically to keep fat away from organs such as the heart.

From my life experience I’ve noticed my belly fat is there because I dont use my abdomen for anything other than helping to hold my upper half up, and even then I tend to slouch alot putting the weight on my spine instead. If I were to do more activities that involved bending and flexing more I feel it would burn right off. I’ve had the most noticeable fat loss from doing hanging leg lifts when I was trying to get in shape. My body weight has rubberbanded alot over the years

The fat on your belly isn’t just under the skin on your abdomen. Your organs get fat layers as well. So your liver, pancreas, kidneys will also gain fat adding to your thickness and difficulty bending.

This unseen fat is a serious issue. Even for people who appear thin they can have fatty-liver disease, for example.

Because this is the best way to carry it around. If you pick up a heavy box, you will instinctively try to rest it on your hips, it keeps the mass close to your centre of mass and evenly distributes weight to your legs.

If say, people kept all their excess fat on the back of their calves it would make moving around or escaping predators significantly more difficult and you would need much stronger legs to move than if you put it in your belly.

Also to add to this storing your excess energy near your centre makes it easier to get it to where it is needed when it is burnt and keeps it close to your internal organs. It probably also offers some layer of protection to your internal organs as well which are more vital to survival than say your arm or leg if you get in a fight

I think it’s a mix between that being the best place to have excess weight from a gravity standpoint, like having the excess weight in your stomach makes your center of gravity stable and makes it easier to move around with the excess weight as opposed to if it was anywhere else. And the other factor is that’s where all your important organs are, so it’s also a protective layer. It will help keep your organs warm and will have there be more fat to get through before your organs are hit if you get injured. So it’s a mix between practicality of movement, it’s the place that’s most practical to have extra weight, and because it’s full of important organs it’s also the place you want to be kept the warmest and the most padded.