Why is violence against children not allowed in TV?


I mean like, in TV shows like Black Summer they didn’t shoot the children after they killed one of the characters in the group. I’ve seen it all around on almost all media. (Games, TV, Movies)

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Children are a symbol of innocence and optimism

Many people don’t like when that symbol is subject to the harsh realities of life

So they censor it, so more people watch their show, so that they can make more money

There is an episode of Breaking Bad where a slightly less popular character shoots an innocent child that happened upon them in the desert. He was riding his bike, didn’t even understand what he saw, but the guy smiled at him then raised hi is pistol and shot the kid. Now, he may have been almost a teen, but he certainly looked like a child. It stirred me a lot, made me really uncomfortable when I saw that character again.

Because it’s bad taste. Most games, movies and TV’s will not show violence against children, at least not in the same way that adults are shown.

Children are defenseless and innocent. It’s difficult to watch violence against them because they don’t deserve it, and are not very capable of defending themselves against it. The same goes for violence against adults who are defenseless and don’t deserve it; Although this is less difficult to watch given that they’ve at least have had a full childhood.