Why is wine best stored horizontally?


Why is wine best stored horizontally?

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To keep the inside of the cork wet. If you set it vertically, it will dry out and allow the wine to ruin.

The moisture keeps corks from drying out and shrinking, getting brittle which lets oxygen seep into the bottle and ruins the wine

it keeps the cork from drying out and shrinking and keeps there from being unwanted contact with air, it is also better for the sediment in the wine to not be trapped at the bottom. If it is short term storage it doesnt really matter, but for long term it should be stored horizontally

So the cork stays moist, which makes sure that air can’t get inside. It’s really that simple.

You want to keep the cork moist. Kept moist, it stays swollen forming a tight seal in the neck of the bottle. If the cork dries out, as the temperature of the wine fluctuates… in particular cools, it will draw oxygen into the bottle and that will in turn feed the bacteria that will eventually turn that wine into vinegar.

Obviously a screw top doesn’t suffer from that problem, so the store-on-its-side really only applies to cork stopped bottles.