Why one country can’t print currency of the other country? (eg. EU printing dollars or USA printing euros)


Why one country can’t print currency of the other country? (eg. EU printing dollars or USA printing euros)

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It’s called counterfeiting. It is absolutely done by nefarious groups. It’s not modern, it’s old as can be.

However, in the modern world, it’s not easy. Countries go through a lot of effort to make their bills extremely difficult to counterfeit. North Korea notoriously made very good counterfeits of US $100 bills, but this shouldn’t dissuade you that bills are very very difficult to counterfeit.

Now a more fun part, countries actually often do print other currencies, legally and normally! Some developing countries contract out their money to be made to other countries as they don’t have the ability to produce it themselves.

Because that’s what’s called counterfeiting. Most countries frown heavily on the practice.

Part of BEING a country is the ability to generate and regulate your own currency. If other countries were able to do that then the nation would lose its ability to regulate its own economy. You would have nations with nothing to lose and everything to gain printing trillions and trillions of dollars and euros. Which would drive the value of the dollar and euro into worthlessness and make printing them useless.

a few reasons.

1:the exact methods by which currency is made are state secrets and the equipement required to do it properly is Heavily controlled. If something like a printer goes missing or cant be accounted for, its something that will not be allowed ot stand and get immediate and full force attention.

2:Being caught doing something like this is essentialy an act of war(attempting ot undermine a froeign currency), or at the very least will terminate any sort of diplomacy between the trade blocks.

3:Expanding on #2, being caught doing htis effectively locks out you out from any market that is dealt with in said currency. Ie: if you are caught countefeiting the Dollar you might have just screwed yourself out of access to the Oil Market.

this being said, ther are legal ways to have a nation print another nations currency: some smaller countries “outsource” this production to another one with a very precise deal ot give them the abiltiy ot do so.

They can (as long as there are no treaties stopping them) though it wouldn’t be “valid” US currency has its value because it’s the only currency the US accepts as payment for taxes. Counterfeit currency will not be accepted therfore if you are trying to sell it as true US currency it is fraudulent. Also you will probably upset the nation you are counterfeiting and that is usually a poor idea if you want a good relationship.

They can, but they tend not to unless as a deliberate attempt to devalue a currency and destabilize an economy. It has been a common tactic in war throughout history. And if a country did do it to another it would likely be seen as an act of war.

And the way economies are entangled today it would likely hurt the perpetrator as much as the target.