Why people don’t use greenhouses as homes?


I know very few actually do, but it seems so unpopular decision it can’t be without reason

I’ve heard greenhouse effect is very good at heat preservation

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They’re too small to be homes. You can’t fit a kitchen, living room, bathroom, and a few bedrooms in it. It wouldn’t be too comfortable. Also, it’s see through.

They’re horrendously uncomfortable… very hot and humid.

All of your possessions would have mold/mildew on them all the time.

Evan in a mild summer the heat inside becomes quite uncomfortable, evan in slight cold their is no insulation. Also. No privacy

They might be dangerous at night due to the plants fighting with the people living in there for oxygen

Heating your home is normally far less of a problem than cooling it.

Moreover, if you do want to implement solar heating, you can do so far more easily by installing the solar heating off on its own rather than making it a permanent feature of your walls and ceilings that you’ll come to regret most of the year.