Why some things we consume have different life spans in our bodies?


So I recently got sick and started a new medication to help. I’m suppose to take it every 12 hours, so twice a day. But then other medications you have to take more frequent or less frequent. Meanwhile, food we have to eat on average 3 times a day. But then stuff like vitamins I can take only when I’m sick and be fine. It’s just a weird concept to me that different things we consume have different life spans in our bodies. Overall why is that? Not really looking for specifics on a single type of consumable like food or something. But examples and still appreciated.

In: Biology

Medication deals with proper balances in the body is why there are certain time periods for certain medicines. The body’s desire to maintain homeostasis is a crucial one to work on as excess of things cause other problems leading that possibly lead to bad things (death and whatnot).

Fiber and yogurt speed up digestion while protein takes slightly longer and why corn not at all. Although the reasoning for this I can only give a general idea of which probably doesn’t help your case but ^^^