why sometimes heat in summer is unbearable at home, but pretty fine on vacation


On warm summer days, why is it, that when you have something like 33°C (91,4° F) it is nearly unbearable at home, but a whole other story when on vacation. Is it just a climatic thing? A psychological effect?

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This probably depends on where home is. As a Texas resident, the humidity is the real issue. I took a trip to New Orleans at the end of July and the lack of “sticky” made the swamp tour I went on enjoyable.

Almost certainly humidity.

You cool down by evaporating sweat.

The lower the humidity is, the easier your sweat evaporates making you feel cooler even though the temperature is the same.

1. Not every heat is the same, humidity is also a factor
2. When on vacation you’ll likely enjoy the warm weather more because you’ll go to the beach/pool. Different association than having to work all day in the heat