Why streaming videos with higher compression but the same resolution require more processing power?


Like in the title. For me it seems like the lossy video compression should be analogical to rar compression. Rar-compressed files that take up less disc space require more processing power both to compress and decompress, then why does streaming videos with higher bitrate but the same resolution require moer processing power for both client and the server?

In: Technology

the resolution just determines the amount of pixels. the bitrate determines the amount of data the pixels contain. so a higher bitrate means more data. so a higher compression ratio with the same amount of data means you need more computing power.

say two videos are both 1920×1080. one is encoded in h.264 which produces 1GB per 60 minutes. and another is encoded at h.265 which produces 300MB per 60 minutes, but both have the same bit rate of 10MBps. so the h.265 video has a higher compression ratio and requires more processing power.