Why tablet medicine is mixed with other stuff and make it larger, won’t smaller tablet are easier to swallow?


My thinking is it is larger so it’s easier to divide and not get digested as fast

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Not all tablets should be divided. Some are not designed to be and you could end up with the whole dose in one half and nothing in the other.

That can fuck up intake and maximum dosage.

These ones that are designed for it usually have a “cut line” in the middle. Double check with a pharmacist.

There is the issue that not everyone has a good sight or good grip. Some people might have trouble with smaller pills.

Also, as you mentioned, sometimes you want the pill bigger so it takes longer to dissolve and acts more slowly.

Many medications require a coating that protects the throat as you swallow it. If you divided the pill, you would end up with the medication being exposed too early.

Many medications are highly potent, meaning they work in really small quantities. These need to be released slowly; if you mix them in with some other substances, the pill can dissolve more slowly and get the dosage correct.

Many medications are unable to sit on a shelf for a long time; these pills need specific other chemical mixed in to ensure that they stay functional while sitting in the store.

All of this is to say that the size is unrelated to needing to divide it.

The amount of Fentanyl to kill you is just a grain of sand.

Ok that’s not precise, and it’s probably wrong, but the idea is the same: The actual *actual* amount of *real* medicine could be very miniscule, like a grain of sand or a half of a grain of rice.

So mixing it with other stuff to make a pill, makes it easier to:

* Swallow
* Count (at the pharmacy)
* Handle (can you pick up a grain of sand?)