Why use turnstiles and not full-height gates/doors for restricting entry to subways?


Idly scrolling through my Facetube feed, I saw this meme.

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**B**ay **A**rea **R**apid **T**ransit has apparently made some kind of improvement to their fare gates… Can somebody explain why they can’t just go to full height doors, or gates?

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Turnstiles have multiple drawback like stroller or a wheelchairs is hard to get trough and it look that the passage is one wide variant for that use from the sign.

Another limitation is that those type of passageway is also used for exiting the station. People will arrive with the same train and exit the same time and all can just walk out with the gates ever closing so then they are more efficient. Another situation is emergency evacuation is there is a fire the all will just be open.

I suspect that type with two moving barriers is to make i harder to just jump over the. Most turnstile passages are also trivial to pass by.

I suspect that full height doors are more expensive and take up more space. A suspicion is that the the design of the subway system for fires and how smoke escape is design so full height doors would be problematic to install