Why when diffusing a bomb cutting all wire simultaneously won’t work? I would imagine it would cut power to all sources.


Why when diffusing a bomb cutting all wire simultaneously won’t work? I would imagine it would cut power to all sources.

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I’m not well versed in this, but I would assume that there is some sort of fail safe built into the bomb that triggers it to detonate if all power is lost

Depends if the trigger circuit is NC (Normally closed) if you don’t cut the spark/ignition source first and you break the trigger circuit first, which is normally a closed circuit, that wire cut will cause the explosion to happen.

Now your concept in a vacuum makes sense, but you cannot cut through ALL the wires at the EXACT same time, the blade severing the wires insulated or not, will vary as the blades cut through them, and one of the wires will be the last to break.

If the order in which the wires are severed isn’t in the right order, even by a tiny fraction of a second, then the trigger circuit can be tripped without the ignition/spark source being dismantled.

That’s why what you cut matters and in what order.

A bomb could be designed to resist tampering, triggering detonation if one even opens the compartment where wires would be.

Also, “simultaneously” for a human is very different from “simultaneously” for a computer. You’re not going to cut them in the same microsecond.

There’s also the issue that the bomb could have a secondary power source somewhere that you didn’t know about.

If someone just rigged a detonator to some C4 and a cell phone then pulling it apart will probably be effective, but for a more complicated bomb you *really* want to follow a procedure that’s been figured out by someone who understands how the bomb was designed and what anti-defusing traps it has set.


diffuse means to spread out, or become unconcentrated, such as a gas being released.

Hollywood movies require tension.

Outside of a military setting how many bombs (that are going to work) are ever found before they naturally explode?

Of those that are how many would have benefited from ten more seconds put into where to hide them instead of how to design them?

From there how many are so large that a controlled detonation isn’t just the simpler way to handle them?

You want a for-instance. You probably have a shitty electronic device around your house that’s ready to be thrown away. Take it apart instead of throwing it away. Even something as stupidly simple as a telephone or tape recorder is absolutely impossible to figure out once its out of the casing.

Anyways I’m sure there is some basis in reality for this. But I have a hard time believing that someone smart enough to rig up bombs with double circuits and crazy fail safes is going to be so stupid to hide it somewhere to be found before it detonates.