Why when spinning clockwise in a spin chair the whole chair turns counter clockwise and vice-versa?


Edit: [Video of a spinning chair for reference.](https://youtu.be/dkndyTopGNM)

In: Physics

If you’re asking why the legs of a chair look like they’re spinning the opposite direction, then that’s just because your perspective (or reference frame) is spinning clockwise. Nonmoving reference frames like the legs of the chair that are planted on the ground aren’t moving. However, if you imagine that your spinning reference frame is standing still, then the rest of the non moving world would have to spinning in the opposite direction to compensate.

Okay now I understand your question. It’s because the path that the outer edge of the chair is following is a circle with longer circumference than that edge of the chair. Test it with a soda can by tracing an exageratedly big circle with the tiny edge of the bottom of the soda can in the same way. You’ll notice the same effect. To verify, trace a very small circle path that is smaller than the edge of the soda can base and observe the opposite effect.