why when you’re so scared you can’t move or talk?


why when you’re so scared you can’t move or talk?

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Basically your brain is loading. When u are too scared to talk or move, its a lengthier form of surprise. Its your brain deciding whether you will fight or you will flight and sometimes that loading time can be a little longer

When an organism is in danger there are a few ways it can react. If a predator is after them then running away can be effective, but hiding is a way to avoid detection in the first place. Think of a rabbit, they will hunker down until you are practically on top of them before they run off.

That instinct to hide is what is making you freeze and be quiet. These days fear doesn’t typically come from things trying to eat you, but the instinct remains.

When trauma hits, either from being actually in a very traumatic situation, or being scared, or reliving some trauma, the brain actually shuts down the language center. This has been shown by research into trauma, using CT scans of the brain.

Basically its a meeting in your brain where a few cells are like “we should do this, immediately!” But then another group is like “whoa whoa, lets do this instead” and they cant come to an agreement as fast as they usually do

The body’s trauma response is categorized as:

When scared or shocked, the adrenaline dump triggers the sympathetic nervous system of the autonomic system. It’s a primitive response that (autonomic=automatic [roughly]) is a hold over from survival instinct. Some fight, some run, some hide, and some just freeze. No way of really telling who does what.