With Morroco building the world’s largest solar plant, how can they export it to other nations?


With Morroco building the world’s largest solar plant, how can they export it to other nations?

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It’s not super complicated, there are already cables that run between Morocco and Spain the connect moroccos power grid to Europe.

So they are already connected, they’d probably have to add a few more cables to increase capacity.

But they could essentially do it the same way you buy electricity from the power company. Morocco connects to Spain, and then whenever Spain pulls electricity from that connection it id measured like you using electricity in your house. Then Spain pays the bill.

I don’t think they are able to, or planning to, actually. If you’re referring to the Ouarzazate Plant, it’s a large scale, permanent fixture with a massive amount of infrastructure associated with it. I expect they plan on keeping the plant where it is and generating electricity for years to come.

It is also possible to use the electricity to produce hydrogen, or ammonia, which can them be transported by conventional means.

I don’t know whether this is planned for Morocco.

Future plans for hydrogen energy (as a form of green energy which does not contribute to global warming) involve solar energy for the initial creation of hydrogen, which is an energy intensive step. Then, the product can be stored in high pressure tanks and transported around the world to be used there.

Of course, Morocco is not currently using their solar energy in this way, but it is always an option for the future, if we develop enough technology for it.

This is added to what previous comments said about direct exports through Spain.

IIRC they also have a deal with a UK company to lay a HVDC cable to GB. It is a long term power supply deal that is supposed to be a big part of the UK’s electrical supply. Most of these types of programs are not started until there are long term contracts in place at a minimum to be able to borrow the capital required to build the facility.