Would swimming be considered closer to resistance training and just normal cardio?


Just wondering because some studies say that you shouldn’t be doing cardio and resistance training within a short time span of each other so I’m just wondering if swimming would be considered closer to resistance training

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If you’re using something like a water treadmill it’s resistance training, but if you’re actually swimming it’s closer to cardio. When swimming you’re attempting to limit the resistance of the water and move as fast as possible.

As with any exercise, it depends on intensity and duration.

I believe resistance training means anaerobic exercise, i.e. short and intense, and you stop when your muscles cannot do it anymore.

Cardio means aerobic exercise, long and moderate, where the limiting factor is running out of breath.

Swimming many laps sounds like cardio to me.
But if you do one lap at maximum speed, and then take a break, it will be more like resistance.

You gotta be careful with swimming. It takes a lot of energy and can wear you out fast, but you do not “feel” it , as it puts minimal strain on muscles or joints, you do not overheat or sweat (unless you are really into it).

Depends how bad of a swimmer you are. With proper form the resistance is actually pretty minimal, so it’s definitely cardio….if you’re flailing around and basically trying to walk through the water, it’d be resistance.

Like running, it depends on the kind of swimming you are doing.

If you are doing sprints it’s mostly a high-power activity. If you are doing long distance, it’s nearly a pure endurance activity.