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what is Affiliate marketing and how does one make money with it?

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You ever hear one of those ads for products that are pimped by every youtube channel and podcast? RAID: Shadow Legends, Bombas socks, Audible?

If it comes with some custom link so the company knows whatever random podcast or youtuber sent the sale their way, it’s affiliate marketing. You become a freelance salesperson for some other company, usually while doing something else other people are interested in, and push that company using your special link so you get paid back in some way for generating a sale for that company.

You make money with it by doing other stuff then grafting on affiliate marketing as a way to be sponsored for your main activities.

Let’s say I buy a cell phone and I’m so happy with it, I make a YouTube review where I explain why this is the best cellphone.

Here this review is my honest opinion, and I’m not getting paid for it.

On the other hand, if a cell phone company pays a YouTuber and says “make a cell phone review video where you explain that this cell phone is best” – then you’re now creating an advertisement and not an honest review.

This isn’t always a money payment. If your review gets millions of views – they company might call you and say “Hey, we loved your video of our product, and since you say good things about it, we’d love to give you a free laptop, accessories, and more phones to review”.

Now you might be excited to get all this free stuff, but you know if you write a bad review – they might stop sending you free stuff. As a result rather than giving 100% honest reviews, you might only say the good things about it..

All an affiliate means is that you have a connection to them because they pay you, give you free stuff, etc.

If you become big and famous, then companies will start contacting you hoping for you to become an affiliate.

I tell my friend that they should buy your product and when my friend buys something from you, you give me back some money.

It’s confusing because it’s so closely related to other forms of marketing and sales.


**Reselling (I sell the product and do the fulfilment)**

I buy your product and sell it myself at a profit.In this model I’m required to provide after sales service, handle warranty and I need to make an investment upfront in purchasing products.


**Dropshipping (I sell the product, but you do the fulfilment)**

I sell your product in my own store. I do my own marketing and set my own pricing, but when someone buys from me, you’re the one shipping the product.

In this model I’m required to provide after sales service, handle warranty but I don’t need to make an investment upfront in purchasing products.


**Affiliate marketing (you refer a sale)**

I simply refer customers to you and get paid by you when you make a sale

In this model the customer knows they are buying from you and that you will be the one doing the after sales service, handle warranty etc.

**Pay-per-click marketing (you refer a potential customer)**

You pay me a little bit of money for every person I send to you website, regardless of what that person does on your website.

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