Are music bots actully illegal?



Like Groovy on Discord.

Are bots like this that play music from the internet actually illegal?

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It’s a legal grey area because some countries allow it and others don’t. It also depends on the distribution deals the artists make which could allow for the use of their songs by third parties provided you can’t download them but only stream them.

The bots themselves are generally legal, it depends on how you use it. Although in some legislation there is room to interpret them as illegal. A music bot can be put in the same category as a radio or a loudspeaker. In general you have paid a music service for the rights to listen to music in private. And playing it together with your friends and family is usually considered as private. But you can not play the music in public without additional permissions. Exactly what differentiates a private from public broadcast depend on legislation and interpretation.

Groovy was sent a cease and desist order by YouTube for breaking the YouTube terms of service.

Groovy have not contested the order.

It’s against YouTube’s terms of service to stream audio from their site without the accompanying video. Groovy and Rythm were both told to cease and desist by YouTube, and rather than trying to fight it in court the bots’ creators opted to simply shut down their services to prevent further legal action.