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Imagine you have a favorite ice cream flavor that you really like. But there are some people who don’t have a favorite flavor. They don’t feel that strong desire to eat ice cream like you do. theres a spectrum to this, just like to asexuality, some people may hate ice cream all together, some may just be really disinterested and not really care etc.

this doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with them, it’s just that they don’t like something you do

It’s just another construct used in order to label a group of people who aren’t into sex with anyone; males or females.

As with everything, it’s a spectrum.

Some people don’t feel any sexual desires towards anyone or anything and are completely disinterested in the act. They do not find any aspect of it particularly pleasant.

Some people just don’t feel physically attracted to any specific type people (so the opposite of bi), but still enjoy the intimacy and the physical pleasure with someone they have an emotional connection with.

If you imagine a spectrum of how generally horny/sexually attracted someone can be to another person: Asexual means you feel little-to-no horniness. You might enjoy romantic activities, cuddling, etc, but the act of sex is just not appealing or rewarding.