bomb defusal. How do they now which wires to cut and all of that?


bomb defusal. How do they now which wires to cut and all of that?

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In nearly all cases now, there is no cutting of any wires.
They just go in and freeze it so that it can’t explode and then deal with it at a safe distance.

The wire color is only important on standardized munitions. On a homemade bomb it is meaningless and you would have to look at what is connected

They rarely actually go and defuse it. Though, when they do they don’t rely on colors, they examine the actual mechanism and figure out what each wire etc would do.

But most of the time they use other methods, like a water cannon. Use an X-ray or some other method to figure out where the detonator is then it blasts a slug of water through the electronics so fast they don’t have a chance to detonate.

Other times, depending on the mechanism, they just take it somewhere safe and blow it up.

Bombs are not defused like in the movies. They are either detonated in place, or moved to a safe place and then detonated. If the bomb has to be moved they will build a small dam around the bomb and flood it with nitrous oxide to freeze the bomb. This stabalizes the bomb and slows down the reaction if it explodes. Then it is put inside an explosive resistant container and taken to a safe place. Then the bomb is detonated with a smaller explosive.

Edit: Liquid nitrogen, not nitrous oxide.