Can Bees sense any ”human-made” signals such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi?


I live in a nature-friendly environment where the house that I live is surrounded by woods and all sort of animals.

Since we just entered summer, bees and all kinds of bugs sometimes breach into the house.

I was listening a song with my bluetooth headphone and suddenly I realised a big bee hovering in my room. I opened a window to let it out but it was obsessed with my headphone( I stopped the music) which works with bluetooth. I had really hard time distacting that bee.

Can they detect the signals we use in a daily basis such as bluetooth and all other waves?

In: Biology

I don’t know what type of waves they can detect, but is it possible he was just responding to the vibrations of your head phones? Or perhaps his hearing is better than ours, so he could hear the music?

Do you wear hairspray? From my personal experience they seem to really like that stuff.

There does seem to be some suggestion that bees can detect (or at least are mildly affected by) radio waves. [This website]( compiles a large number of studies that have looked into effects of electromagnetic fields, and includes several studies on bees if you scroll down a bit. Some of these studies seem much more useful than others though, and I’d recommend actually looking at the primary material rather than just trusting the synopses on that page, which may be biased.


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