Can left hand users practice their right hand to use in everyday life and vice versa?


Can left hand users practice their right hand to use in everyday life and vice versa?

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Yes! I’m left handed but I can putt and shoot hockey right handed because growing up all my friends were right handed and those were the sticks and clubs I had access too.

I think some people are more ambidextrous than others but overall yes you can train your hands to do that.

Of course they can. Musicians routinely have to use both of their hands with amazing dexterity regardless of which hand is their dominant one.

Ever since I was in high school I’ve been practicing writing with my non-dominant left hand. I initially started doing this for fun, just to see if it was possible. I would use it to take notes – as long as I didn’t need to submit it or anything, I thought of it as an opportunity to practice. It’s not perfect, but due to practice, it’s fairly serviceable by now. I can also eat, even use chopsticks with my left hand too.

Obviously, a sample size of 1, but it’s possible with practice.

If it’s possible for me to learn this to a decent extent just for fun, then a person who is forced to for whatever reason (maybe they injured their dominant hand, or they’re born left handed in a culture that forces people to switch) can probably become close to ambidextrous. Of course, there are some people who are naturally born ambidextrous to varying degrees, but based on your question, we’re just talking about the average person who is originally only left or right handed


Yes, they can. I am a good example of this, I am left handed since forever but can do things as a right hander.

For a time, I used to train writing with my right hand. I’ve becole pretty good at it as long as I trained, although I was slow, but my right handed writing was beautiful.

I practiced japanese fencing since very early childhood (*very* early) and, since my teacher was right handed, he taught me as a right hander. Now, I practice whatever the style of fencing – japanese, medieval european from italian and german school, Agrippa style rapier fencing or modern saber – as a natural right hander.

I can practice archery as both a left or right hander. My dominant eye is the left one, so I naturally am a left handed archer, but I taught myself to shoot both eyes open and “select the image I”see through”, so to say, so that I can deliberately “switch” to being a right handed and eyed archer, although this is not something that lasts : I have to specifically focus on my vision and select the right eye’s image each and every time I want to do it.

I recently got a job as a waiter and barman. I generally practice as a right hander and switch to my left when my arm gets tired of carrying the heavy trays. I see no difference in this useage.

Many things are made by right handers : almost every asymetrical thing is made to be more comfortable for a right hander. Left handers have to learn either to adapt their way to use the thing with their left hand or simply switch hands. I am the switcher type because I have two arms and there’s no way one slacks off while the other does all the job.