Can someone explain CEU courses to me?



I stumbled on an online metaphysics course I’m SO interested in learning about. But it says you get CEUs after completing and I know NOTHING about college and stuff (I’m F/23 high school graduate that never continued). I’m lost on if its something I can just do if I want to, or if its dumb to take if I haven’t done any college. Please help

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From what I gathered from 5sec on Wikipedia those are points you get that help you get/stay certified for your field of work. So its for people who already finished university and want to stay up to date in their field. University Students usually get an internal credit score. Usually 30pts per semester. So 180 for 6 semesters or 210 for 7. The uni you attend that course surely has a dedicated part of their website for those interested in studying. Both as a student and as an extern.

Many professional licenses (medical/teaching/Bar, etc) require that you participate in professional development activities as part of the license renewal process. Those PD activities are usually measured in CEUs. I’m not sure what type of license would recognize CEUs from a metaphysics course, but that’s what they are.

CEU means Continuing Education Units. Those are “credits” for coursework that some people need to maintain their credentials.

It’s ok to take those courses even if you don’t need the credits.