Can someone explain the “occupy 962ml” and how?



900ml of water weighs exactly 900g. If we dissolve 100g of sugar into this water the mixture will have a total weight of 1000 grams but will only occupy 962ml.

What does occupy mean?

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It means that the mixture will have a volume of 962 ml. That is, there will be 962 ml of the mixture. It will occupy 962 ml of space. Because that’s the amount of volume that is going to be occupied by the mixture.

ml is unit of Volume and g is unit of mass(consider weight for all general purpose here on earth).

Volume is about how much space any matter takes i.e. occupies.

Now when you add sugar(high density matter) into water, it will add to the same weight as addition of sugar and water weight but it will not be of same volume.

100g of water = 100ml of water because density of water is 1g/ml(1g/cc)

100g of sugar not equal to 100ml of sugar consider sugar density of 1.59g/cc