Can someone explain why we don’t have a better design to prevent car pedal mixups?


Can someone explain why we don’t have a better design to prevent car pedal mixups? There have been so many accidents in my country with serious casualties.

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Because it’s generally not that hard to figure out. They are shaped differently, they feel different when pressed, they’re in different positions, and the vehicle does something different depending on which one you press.

If you can’t overcome all those indicators and still catastrophically mess it up, it’s not the pedal that’s the problem.

While I have no doubt that you could design a better system to reduce mix up, you are fighting _a ton_ of inertia here. There are, give or take, 1.4 billion drivers around the world and a new system would require those 1.4b people to relearn a skill that is basically muscle memory right now.

Not only would that be a near-impossible task, but it would also likely lead to _more_ accidents in the short term as people mistakenly revert to the “old” way of driving, get confused, and respond incorrectly.

Some systems are just too entrenched to be reasonably altered, even if you can develop an objectively better alternative.

I don’t know where you are from, but given that cars look the same pretty much everywhere in the world, the problem is not in the design of cars, but rather with driver license exams.

If three pedals are too hard to use for somebody, then it is pretty good indicator that such person should not sit behind the wheel.

because their design is fairly standard already to the point where this is not really an engineering issue anymore, its a people issue.

plus it’s not like you could make sweeping changes now if you were inlcined to, because there is just way more inertia against it: better to educate the drivers that make that mix up than ot have every single driver have ot relearn a skill that by now its basically second nature(especially if they drive for a living)

This only happens in third world countries without a proper training and licensing program.

It’s a people issue.