Can two blue-eyed parents produce a brown-eyed child? If yes, why is this so?



I learnt in class that for a person to show blue eyes they must have two recessive blue eye genes. However, some sites have said that it’s possible for two blue eyed parents to have a brown eyed child?

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Yes both parents carry a gene for blue eyes and another for brown. I believe blue eyes are recessive so both parents would have to give the blue gene to their kid. If one gave brown the kid would have brown eyes

Eye color is more than just a single gene. Yes, most of the time brown eyes is dominant and will overpower blue eyes, but there are some genes that will cause the brown not to manifest giving a blue eyed child that carries a brown eye gene.

My wife and kids are an example of this. I have blue eyes, as do both of my parents. My wife has blue eyes. Her dad has blue eyes and mom has brown. Our three children all have different color eyes: straight brown, straight blue, and hazel.

Mutation can occur in any gene at any generation. While in general blue-eyed parents have blue-eyed children (because brown is dominant) all genetic traits are subject to mutation, that’s where blue eyes came from in the first place.