Can you temporarily disable parts of the body through pressure points?


Saw it in movies, but is it actually possible to disable parts of the body through jabbing/twisting certain points of the body to disable certain parts?
I’ve seen jabs around the shoulder that disables the corresponding arm. Is this physically possible?

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Like in dead arm scenario yes. Same with outer thigh I think. There are nerve clusters that you can hit to affect that region but nothing like in movies I think.

Yes, you can to a degree, but just applying pressure is very rarely effective in a real fight. As u/kastochan mention, delivering a hard blow/kick to the opponent´s thigh or upper arm can be very painful and temporarily disable the muscles there, but pressure points as such will not do much to an opponent fighting hard. There are plenty of other methods much more effective in an up close hand to hand scenario.

not against a resisting opponent (so not in any realistic fight)

you do have a few spots that hurt like all hell if you can hit them but that’s about it.