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Chemotherapy is as I understand incredibly destructive both to cancer and the person. Is there any other treatment that removes cancer (or any other interesting use case) even better but the chance of death due to treatment makes it worthless?


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As cells divide or undergo mitosis they and especially the DNA in the cell are vulnerable to damage. Cancer cells grow very rapidly and chemotherapy treatments target the cells that are growing and dividing like cancer cells, but can also target hair and intestinal cells causing side effects of the treatment. –

That is the problem when making a drug to cure / stop an illness.

Killing the virus is never hard. NOT killing what is around the virus is.

The reason chloriquin was presented as a covid killer is exactly that. The dosage that was required to kill the virus was also way about the dosage that would kill a man. But conspirationists never really wondered about it, they just assumed someone was mean and just wanted to prevent them from using a miracle drug.

Radiotherapy is also a good way to kill cancer cells. Since it won’t go to the blood you can focus the radiation onto a single spot and only affect the region. It”s the treatment that has less side effects, no hair loss and so on. Unfortunately not every part of the body and not every cancer type is suitable to radiotherapy. Usually it’s used in addition to other more aggressive cancer treatment, concomitantly or not.

Radiation therapy is really good at killing cells. All cells. Only very controlled radiation treatment is used in cancer treatment because…well, it kills everything else.

Cutting the cancer out with surgery can be pretty effective, but depending where the tumor is, or how many tumors there are affects the viability of this strategy.

Cancer in one kidney, you can remove the kidney.

20 small tumors throughout your brain – attempting to cut them all out would probably put you in a worse place.

While we’re here, what causes the cancer cells to spawn like that? Why doesn’t the immune system see that and go “that’s wrong attack it” I once read about a snake venom that kills cells to eliminate the threat (human or other mammal that came too close) Is there anyway to somehow mimic that venom and make it like an MRNA to tell the immune system to say “these are cancer cells they’re coming when they do destroy them” then we can close down all these cancer wards and people can get back to dying from heart attacks and freak accidents.

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Lots of things kill cancer even better…drying, cooking, bleach, lava, nuclear bombs… The problem is that they kill the person too. When a person gets cancer, the cancer cells are fundamentally human cells, they are pretty fragile and easy to kill. The tricky part is, so are all the other not-cancer cells around them.